Dear Ovies, fellow runners and friends

Spring is in the air and we are looking forward to an exciting summer running season.

This Newsletter contains important information re safety on the road, ASA rules and our race next year.


Our regular monthly club braai will continue from September with the  September braai on the 6th.   We will provide the fire and PVM will join us for the evening so please bring your family and friends for an evening of fun.


AGN is in the process of finalising the fixtures for 2018.  Go to Fixtures – Calendar 2018 on our website for the latest but bear in mind that some details may still change.


We will host our fourth race on 17 March 2018.  Please diarise this date for next year.  Further details to follow!


Ongoing.  Johan has been working tirelessly to overcome a few obstacles in the process.  We are currently looking at the budget for building the club house and related expenses as well as the contract with the school.

Here is a draft of the plans for the new club house:

Proposed new club house


Please make yourself available for timekeeping as we have many gaps in our duty list.


Details of all races are provided in the Annual Programme which is available on our website on the Calendar page.  However, you can also click on the following links to obtain full up-to-date details of upcoming races:


The City 2 City Marathon, due to take place on 24 September 2017, has been cancelled.


Congratulations to the following club members who were selected to represent Atheletics Gauteng North at the SA Championships on the 9th September!

Hendrik Smith

Assie van Aswegen

Piet van Aswegen

Maurice van Wyk.



Club members are once again reminded that no earphones are allowed during a race.

Swopping or giving away of entries

Please note that this is strictly against the rules to give away or swop race numbers that were issued to you specifically and that runners may be sanctioned if found guilty.  It has unfortunately been brought to the attention of the management committee that a few members of our club have recently transgressed in this regard.

Visibility of sponsor on numbers

It is important that members put their race numbers correctly on their running vests.  The top part with the name of the sponsor must be left open so that the name of the sponsor is visible.  At a recent race some runners who did not comply with this requirement were taken off the road soon after the start of the race.  Please save yourself the disappointment by making sure that your race number does not cover the top part of your ASA licence so that the name of the sponsor is visible.

Running non-sanctioned races

Last but also very important:  please note that unsanctioned races should not be run with an ASA number or in the colours of an ASA affiliated club.  Remember to check the information on race flyers and on the web to make sure that a particular race is indeed an ASA approved race.  The insurance that comes with ASA membership will not cover injuries sustained during non-ASA approved races.  The race result will also not be credited for the purposes of any ASA prize or competition and/or any ASA affiliated club competition/prize.



The Tshwane Running Shop is located on the corner of Vinko and Sefako Makgatho streets.  Gideon stocks a variety of running shoes and you can get entries at the shop.  Their contact details are on the photo above.


Safety on the road has once again been highlighted with the number of recent deaths of runners.  The Modern Athlete of August 2017 highlights the following to improve your visibility and safety when you train:

“1. Always run facing oncoming traffic, so that you can see approaching vehicles.

2.  Avoid running with music, or wear just one earpiece and lsiten at low volume, so that you can hear approaching vehicles.

3.  Wear bright colours, reflective gear or flashing lights when running in low-light conditions.  In fact, wear all three!

4.  Signal your intentions to change direction or cross a road, much like cyclists use hand signals to notify other road users of their intentions.

5.  Try to avoid running on roads that do not have a pavement or shoulder area, which force you to run in the road.

6.  When running around a blind corner or rise, assume that a car could be coming and rather be safe by taking the long way round. Better yet, avoid running on roads with these features.

7.  Try to make eye contact with drivers, so you know they have seen you.  If you don’t see eyes, assume the driver has not seen you.

8.  When crossing a road, rather wait till you know it is safe, especially if you are coming up suddenly on cars whose drivers may not have seen you.

9.  Watch for danger points, such as entrances to parking lots and entry or exit points to busy highways, where drivers often drive faster or take gaps.

10.  Beware high-risk drivers who may be driving under the influence, or may be tired in the early hours of the morning or after a long work day.

11.  Assume that every driver of every vehicle is a bad driver, has bad eyesight, is texting on their phone while driving, and has not seen you.

12.  Lastly, be courteous on the roads – wave thank you to drivers who see you running and wait for you.  That will make them more likely to be aware of other runners going forward.”

Happy running!