SocialJohan Kirsten

Johan Kirsten

(083 324 5074)

1. Organise and chair meetings
2. Liaise with AGN and ASA
3. Attend meetings with AGN and ASA
4. Liaise with other clubs
5. Gauge and respond to the attitude of club and committee members, if necessary
6. Receive and respond to correspondence with the club
7. Present Annual Report at club AGM
8. Annual planning and presentation of annual plan to AGM
9. SMS portal communication
10. Facebook marketing
11. Responsible for club email account – receive & correspond
12. Arrange year end function and prize giving with Club Captain and Vice chairperson

Vice-chairperson Jaco van Wyk

(083 294 8164)

1. Support the Chairperson
2. Attend club meetings. Draft minutes and distribute.
3. Coordinate club projects & events
4. Development and maintenance of the website
5. Attend AGN meetings together with the Chairperson or on his/her behalf when necessary
6. Monthly club braai
7. Newsletter / News flash communications when applicable
8. Assist chairperson with yearend function and prize giving arrangements

Club Statistician
Charlene Prinsloo

(083 271 7829)

1. Maintain race stats
2. Maintain Time Trail stats
3. Communicate top running stats monthly to publish in news letter
4. Communicate table of running stats quarterly to publish in news letter
5. Prize giving function coordination & arrangement of prizes per category
6. Club marketing & growth strategy

Rocky Van Staden

(079 359 0970)

1. Draft annual budget and present to AGM for approval
2. Maintain income statement and balance sheet in line with general accounting principles
3. Management club finances as per approved annual budget
4. Annually register the club with the AGN
5. Present financial statements and report at management committee meetings as well as the AGM
6. Register members with the AGN
7. Maintain club membership register with addresses, contact detail etc
8. Manage licensing of the trailer

 Club house manager
Denise Van Zyl

(082 418 1368)

1. Club clothes: Sourcing and distribution
2. Club house care-taking
3. Club purchases – club house & trailer
4. Assist events coordinator with monthly club braai’s & events
5. Keep club asset register up to date en report quarterly to the management committee

Club Captain
Rupert van Vuuren

(082 338 2898)

1. Organize Weekly Training