Overkruin Atletiekklub was established 17 years ago by a small group of runners who identified a need for structuring their running activities and having a home base.  According to the Constitution of the Club it is “our mission to develop the sport of road running, cross country and walking while promoting the achievements of the club as well as individual members.

 We pride ourselves in:

  • the positive spirit in which we participate
  • providing a basic structure in which members can improve and maintain desired levels of health and fitness
  • providing a friendly, accommodating atmosphere for members
  • promoting healthy social relationships through social events
  • a non-discriminatory approach to all activities taking place under the club’s control.”

The Club mainly focuses on road running and encourages mass participation in road races on weekends. Participation in league races is a priority.


The registration process is as follows:

Step 1:

If you are not yet registered, please register on the ASA website (www.asa.saclubs.co.za).

Step 2:

If you are already registered, kindly confirm that your personal details are 100% correct on the ASA website.  It is VERY important that you have selected Overkruin AC as your club.  Willie will not be able to activate your membership if you are not linked to our club!

NOTE:  If you are joining Overkruin AC as a new member from another club, please arrange with your previous club to “Transfer” you to Overkruin AC before you request membership of Overkruin AC. Willie can unfortunately not assist you in this regard.

Step 3:

Pay your annual club registration fee (R390 for seniors, R320 for 65+ and juniors) into our bank account:

FNB Cheque account

Name of account:  Overkruin Atletiekklub

Account number:  6208 331 3248

Branch number:  251 037

Use “CF” and your initials and surname as reference please. (Example:  CF-WI Engelbrecht)

Very Important!  EFT only, since no cash payments will be accepted!

Step 4:

Print your proof of payment, and give it to Willie when you collect your 2017 ASA number from him.  NO ASA number will be handed out without a hard copy of your proof of payment.  Please also print, complete and sign a hard copy of your 2017 ASA registration form available on the News blog page on the Overkruin website and give it to Willie.  No ASA number will be issued without a hard copy of your proof of payment and registration form.

Step 5:

As a social club, we are dependent on every member’s participation and assistance in the following club activities:

1.  Budget Insurance Race scheduled for 18 March 2017

2.  AGN races – club tent setup – select your date

3.  Time trials (Wednesday at 17:30) – select your date for time keeping.

All club members are required to assist and serve the club at these events as part of their registration.

Please note that your 2016 licence expires on 17 February 2017.  From

Club location

The Club is based at the Overkruin Hoërskool in Sinoville.

Time trials

Members of the club as well as visiting members are welcome to meet on Wednesdays at 17 30 at the Club for a 5km or 8km time trial.  There are great awards up for grabs for participation and performance!

Club braai

There is a bring and share braai every first Wednesday of the month after time trial.

Download our Constitution

Click here to download the Overkruin Athletics Club Constitution.