Dear Ovies, fellow runners and friends

Comrades is around the corner on the 4th and many of us are looking forward to spend the day in front of the TV following our running heroes.  We have 8 runners participating in Comrades this year:

Jaco van Wyk (12051)

Fanie Naude (25112)

Magda Vermaak (36608)

Samuel Martins (53788)

Dirk Pelser (23660)

Anderson Mhlanga (31526)

Henning Strauss (39868)

Christine vd Berg (58440)

The Comrades braai on the 24th May was a huge success with most of our runners attending to enjoy the evening and receive their goodie bags from our chairperson.  A big thank you to Johan for the pap and sous and Marius for organising the fire etc.  Here are a few photos for those of you who could not be with us.

Those of you who are interested in statistics relating to Comrades, check this out! Comrades by the numbers.  Check out the history of the Comrades here:


Leon has worked hard to provide us with the statistics for 2017 up to the end of May.  Thanks Leon!!!  Should you have any queries please let Leon know.

Total race distance – men’s      

Dirk Pelser:  592.7

Rocky van Staden:  521

Jaco van Wyk:  481.6

Sam Martins: 375.8

Harry van der Westhuizen: 349

Henning Strauss:  340

Johan Kirsten: 334.5

Fanie Naude: 303.7

Hendrik Schoeman: 286.9

Sandi van Duyker: 262.5

Total race distance – ladies

Vicky van Staden: 415.9

Christine van den Berg: 379.3

Magda Vermaak: 328.7

Lynn Zietsman: 319.2

Marietjie vd Westhuizen: 284.4

Ronell Herbst: 277.8

Stephanie Marais: 234.6

Elza Diedericks: 163.1

Jeanne Prinsloo: 162.5

Lizette vd Berg: 158.4

10km men’s

Taetse Vorster: 00:41:37

Louis Pienaar: 00:42:56

Hendrik Schoeman: 00:44:33

Leon Marais: 00:47:11

Morne van Zyl: 00:47:33

Rocky van Staden: 00:47:58

Leendert Zietsman: 00:51:01

Koos Janse v Vuuren: 00:51:56

Jaco van Wyk: 00:52:17

Bernard Els: 00:54:00

10km ladies

Stephanie Marais: 00:47:13

Lynn Zietsman: 00:55:39

Bonni van Tonder: 00:55:44

Yolandi Rautenbach: 00:56: 53

Denise van Zyl: 00:57:54

Marietjie vd Westhuizen: 00:58:32

Jenny Neuper: 00:59:25

Ronell Herbst: 01:00:37

Lizette vd Berg: 01:01:42

Natasha Knoesen: 01:03:02

21km men’s                                    

Stephan Jacobs: 01:36:43

Jacques Erasmus: 01:36:43

Taetse Vorster: 01:37:49

Hendrik Schoeman: 01:39:25

Rocky van Staden: 01:47:41

Leon Marais: 01:48:04

Willie Engelbrecht: 01:50:35

Leendert Zietsman: 01:50:53

Morne van Zyl: 01:50:53

Jaco Truter: 01:52:29

21km ladies’

Ezit Malan: 01:42:18

Stephanie Marais:  01:46:12

Bonni van Tonder: 01:57:41

Lynn Zietsman: 02:00:42

Lizette vd Berg: 02:06:43

Yolandi Rautenbach: 02:07:45

Vicky van Staden: 02:11:23

Denise van Zyl: 02:14:18

Christine vd Berg: 02:16:34

Ronell Herbst: 02:21:00

Congratulations to Rocky who is the new holder of the club record for the Two Oceans 56km in the 50-59 category.  He improved Oom Schalk’s 2005 record of 05:29:27 with a time of 05:26:27 earlier this year.  Well done!!!

Happy_birthdayHappy birthday to the following members:

12 June Assie van Aswegen

18 June Chrisna O’Connaly

20 June Barend Lubbe

22 June Ankcorn Fernihough

23 June Yolandi Rautenbach

Congratulations!  May the year ahead be filled with love and laughter!


There will be no club braai in June and July due to the cold.


Our club house is slowly becoming a reality with approval obtained from the School Governing Body.  Various club members are working hard to get the plans drawn up and approved.

Here is a draft of the plans for the new club house:

Proposed new club house


Please make yourself available for timekeeping as we have many gaps in our duty list.


The management committee would like to point out that trail runs will not be recognised for official statistics for the club for the following reasons:

  • Trail running is not an ASA/AGN activity.  Our club is affiliated to the AGN/ASA and therefore only recognise and reward activities that fall within the ASA/AGN jurisdiction and as determined by our Constitution.
  • Trail running does not require club membership.
  • Trail runs are not regulated and the results often difficult to trace and not reliable.


Details of all races are provided in the Annual Programme which is available on our website on the Calendar page.  However, you can also click on the following links to obtain full up-to-date details of upcoming races:


Please note that we are still waiting for the results of the Tshwane and Jackie Mekler races.


If you are interested in the world records for the various distances you should find the following website very interesting!



We will continue next month with an in depth interview with our chairperson, Johan Kirsten.


The newsletter for July will be published slightly later as I will be out of the country for a few weeks.

Happy running!