Dear Ovies, fellow runners and friends

It’s already the second month of 2017 and hopefully you are all by now in a training routine and having fun!  The legendary Sir Roger Bannister once said:  “We run, not because we think it is doing us good, but because we enjoy it and cannot help ourselves….The more restricted our society and work become, the more necessary it will be to find some outlet for this craving for freedom.  No one can say, ‘You must not run faster than this, or jump higher than that.’  The human spirit is indomitable”.  (From Mastering the Marathon, page 31)


The annual programme can be found on the Calendar page on this website and will be updated when necessary so please check back to the programme every now and again.  Johan Kirsten has put in a lot of effort to provide us with a detailed programme with all the races, club braais, meetings etc. so that you will always know what is happening, so please spend a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the content.


The relevant page on the website has been updated with the most important duties of each committee member and their contact details. Please contact us should you have any queries or comments.


The registration process is as follows:

Step 1:

If you are not yet registered, please register on the ASA website (

Step 2:

If you are already registered, kindly confirm that your personal details are 100% correct on the ASA website.  It is VERY important that you have selected Overkruin AC as your club.  Willie will not be able to activate your membership if you are not linked to our club!

NOTE:  If you are joining Overkruin AC as a new member from another club, please arrange with your previous club to “Transfer” you to Overkruin AC before you request membership of Overkruin AC. Willie can unfortunately not assist you in this regard.

Step 3:

Pay your annual club registration fee (R390 for seniors, R320 for 65+ and juniors) into our bank account:

FNB Cheque account

Name of account:  Overkruin Atletiekklub

Account number:  6208 331 3248

Branch number:  251 037

Use “CF” and your initials and surname as reference please. (Example:  CF-WI Engelbrecht)

Very Important!  EFT only, since no cash payments will be accepted!

Step 4:

Print your proof of payment, and give it to Willie when you collect your 2017 ASA number from him.  NO ASA number will be handed out without a hard copy of your proof of payment.  Please also print, complete and sign a hard copy of your 2017 ASA registration form available on the News blog page on the Overkruin website and give it to Willie.  No ASA number will be issued without a hard copy of your proof of payment and registration form.

Step 5:

As a social club, we are dependent on every member’s participation and assistance in the following club activities:

1.  Budget Insurance Race scheduled for 18 March 2017

2.  AGN races – club tent setup – select your date

3.  Time trials (Wednesday at 17:30) – select your date for time keeping.

All club members are required to assist and serve the club at these events as part of their registration.

Please note that your 2016 licence expires on 17 February 2017.  From Saturday, 18 February you need to have a 2017 number to run with.


The following remaining league races are scheduled for 2017:

4 February:  McCarthy Toyota

11 March:  Pretoria Bobbies Wonderboom Junction 3 in 1

29 April:  City of Tshwane Marathon

6 May:  Jackie Mekler

24 June:  Riana van Niekerk Run and Walk for Bibles

22 July:  A4A Long walk/Run for Freedom

19 August:  Marcel Van’t Slot Memorial

9 September:  Addicted to Life

14 October:  SABS Jacaranda City Challenge

11 November:  Kolonnade Retail Park

Please check out the News and Info page on our website for details re the points you can earn when participating in a league race.

Let’s make an effort to participate in the league races and see if we can finish 2017 at the top of the log!



Members are reminded of the race our club will be hosting on the 18th of March.  Please make yourself available to assist on the day by contacting Willie at 081 347 5353 or Johan at 083 324 5074.  We need everybody’s support to make a success of the race!


The Management Committee is currently negotiating with the School Governing Body to build a club house where we can have our meetings and safely store club equipment, cool drinks etc.  We will keep you posted.


Happy_birthdayHappy birthday to the following member:

Marco La Grange 11 February

May you have a wonderful year and enjoy good health.


Please send us a short race report if you have done a race that you would like to share with members.


You are invited to join us this coming Wednesday (1 Feb) for our monthly get together after time trial.  Bring your family and enjoy the evening with your running friends.  The Club will provide the fire and pap en sous and rolls.


Members as well as visiting members are welcome to meet on Wednesdays at 17:30 at the Club for a 5km or 8km time trial.


Details of races are provided in the Annual Programme which is available on our website on the Calendar page.  However, you can also click on the following links to obtain full up-to-date details of upcoming races:


The website has become an important tool in our communication with members.  We are continuously updating and upgrading the content. Please check out the News and Info page which contains information on race packages and other important information for Comrades, Two Oceans and Loskop.


You are kindly reminded to check the Annual Programme for the slots allocated to you.


In this section we aim to share with you interesting articles and news on what is happening in this sport around the world.  Of course you have to take from it what works for you!

Any sport has its injuries but if we act proactively it is often possible to prevent getting injured.  Johan Kirsten provided the following link to information on shin splints which is one of the most common injuries experienced by runners.

fitness-equipment2017JEANNE’S WORKOUT  

This section will be the Newsletter editor’s forum  to share with you the history of our club through interviewing current and previous club members; interesting articles, some humor etc.

This month I share with you an interview I had with Elza Diedericks who is one of the “oldest” members of our club.

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-30 at 12.23.17

Leon, ons statistikus het die volgende interessante statistiek oor Elza verskaf:

2017 is Elza se 16de jaar by ons klub.

Elza was die eerste vrou wat 100 wedlope vir die klub gedoen het en sodoende vir ‘n togbag gekwalifiseer het.

Sy is een van drie vroue en tien lede in totaal wat al 200 wedlope vir die klub gedoen het.

Elza het tot einde 2016 reeds 183 10km wedlope vir die klub gedoen. Dit is die derde meeste van almal en die meeste deur ‘n vrou.

Jeanne:  Elza, wanneer het jy by die klub aangesluit?

Elza:  Ek het in 1993 begin hardloop:  eers vir Harlequins en toe Akasia voordat ek in 2002 by Overkruin aangesluit het.  Gerard Van Deventer was toe voorsitter.  Die klub het toe reeds vanaf 1999 bestaan.  Ek kan nie almal se name onthou nie maar ek onthou Jurgens Huisamer, Leon Marais, Koos van Wyk, Koos van Vuuren, Nico Fourie, Rian Geyer ens.  In 2002 het Jurgens ‘n banier gemaak en met die tent by ligawedlope begin.

Jeanne:  Wat  onderskei ons klub van ander klubs?

Toe ek oorgekom het van Akasia was Overkruin nog ‘n klein klub.  Al die lede was belangrik.  Soos vandag nog.  Die klub bied sy lede samesyn.

Jeanne:  Het julle toe al tydtoetse gehad?  Hoe het dit gewerk?

Hardlopers het sommer hul eie tyd gehou.  En ons het na die tyd bietjie gekuier…..(;-) totdat die skool ‘n stokkie daarvoor gesteek het.

Jeanne:  En die maandelikse braai?

Elza:  Ons het gebraai maar sommer by iemand se huis.  Die vrouens van die mans was oor die algemeen baie betrokke.

Jeanne:  Wat was jou eerste wedloop vir die klub?

Elza:  Skukuza.  In 1993.  My tyd was 2 uur 17 minute.  Die volgende jaar het ek die Two Oceans ultra marathon en Comrades gedoen.

Ek hou rekord van elke wedloop wat ek gedoen het.  Teen die einde van 2016 was my totale afstand op wedlope 11 900km.

Jeanne:  Hoekom hardloop jy?

Elza:  Vir daardie lekker gevoel as jy klaar is!  Daardie saam suffer gevoel en die sense of achievement as jy klaar is.

Jeanne:  Wat is jou mees spesiale medalje?

Elza:  My eerste Comrades medalje.  Ek het in Augustus begin hardloop en toe die Comrades die volgende jaar in Mei!  Ek glo steeds rather overrest than overtrain!  Ek was ‘n onderwyseres by Stephanus Roos in die tyd wat ek Comrades gehardloop het.  Ek het die roete op my klaskamer se deur geplak en dan mind games gespeel elke keer as ek deur die deur gaan oor waar op die roete ek op die tystip moet wees op die wedloop!

Jeanne:  Hoeveel permanente nommers het jy?

Elza:  Ek het 5 Kosmos 3-in-een nommers.  As jy dit kan klaarmaak kan jy Comrades klaarmaak.  Ons het in ‘n tent in Leandra geslaap. Om die koue te help trotseer het ons altyd met Old Brown sjerrie in Pretoria weggespring wat dan in Leandra met Jerepigo aangevul is en met dit alles begin ons die volgende dag dan met die 42km!  Die jaar wat ek my 5 de sou doen om my permanente nommer te verdien moes ons na die 42km wedloop uitvind ons bkkie is gesteel.  So word ons toe tydens die 21km ingelig dat ons ‘n polisie verklaring moet gaan afle.  Die organiseerders was my simpatiek gesind en het my toegelaat om die volgende week tydens die helpers wedloop my 21km en 10km wedlope te doen.

Jeanne:  Jy en jou man Jan was groot hardloop maats totdat hy onverwags aan die einde van die Two Oceans 21km wedloop in 2009 oorlede is.

Elza:  Ja. Hy het nog nie eers sy medalje ontvang nie.  Ek het sy medalje gevra wat hulle vir my gegee het want ons het saam klaar gemaak.  Jan het die eerste waentjie vir die klub gemaak.  ‘n Groot 4×4 sleepwaentjie.

Jeanne:  Wat dink jy is die belangrike dinge wat ‘n koub suksesvol maak?

Elza:  Ek dink ons klub is op ‘n baie goeie plek.  Ek dink dit was ‘n baie positiewe stap om die lede by die tentwedlope en tydtoetse te betrek. Dit laat almal betrokke voel.  Die feit dat die formaat van die jaareindfunksie afgewissel word maak dit altyd ‘n lekker geleentheid. Die klubhuis is ‘n stap in die regte rigting en behoort ‘n uitstekende basis vir die klub te wees.

Jeanne:  Elza, baie dankie vir lekker gesels.

A last few words:

And then last but not least!  Our statistician whispered in my ear that our chairperson completed his 100th race last week at the George Claassen race.  Well done, Johan!

Happy running!





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