As soon as you are ready to join, go to the website off ASA and on licensing and registration choose there Overkruin klub. Make sure that you completely fill in the online form.

At the bottom is the .pdf form on how to register at ASA (Athletics South Africa).

Pay your membership fee by doing an EFT transfer to the Club’s bankaccount

As soon as we have the proof of payment, we will allocate a license number to you on the ASA website and give the license number to you, he or another management member will be available on Wednesday afternoon from 17:30 at the time trial on Hoërskool Overkruin’s grounds at our club house next to the lapa building,  at the Club tent at any of out tent races in and around Pretoria.


  • Senior members: R400 (license number included)
  • Junior members: R100 (license number included)
  • Family package: 1st adult member R400, 2nd adult member R300, Juniors R100
  • 10 year Overkruin members R250
  • Grand Masters R200
  • Social Members R150
  • Please note! that the membership fee stays the full amount, even if you will join the Overkruin Atletiekklub later in the year


Send an e-mail for at with the following information and they will then register you;

  • Mobile number
  • What is your e-mail address
  • What is your ID
  • Give me a password what you easily will remember, you can change it later
  • Full names
  • Physical Address
  • Postal address
  • By whom is your medical aid
  • Medical aid membership number
  • if something happens to you on a race, what is the person’s name that we can contact
  • What is that persons mobile number
  • Occupation

HOW TO REGISTER AT ASA ….. Click here >>> 

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